Previous Space Experiences

Here are some my space exploits from before I ever dreamt I would work at JPL. I simply wanted to be an eyewitness to history. Looking back at it all now, it does seem like it was all leading up to my current job. Click on the images below to see the sections under construction.

The Countdown Begins: 1950's and '60's


Bon Voyage, Voyager!

I saw the launch of Voyager 2 on Aug. 20, 1977 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.



I saw the first launch of the Space Shuttle - the STS-1 flight of Columbia on April 12, 1981

I saw the first re-launch of a reusable spacecraft - Space Shuttle Columbia's 2nd Flight, Nov. 12, 1981

First landing of Space Shuttle Challenger: the STS-6 landing at Edwards AFB, April 9, 1983

On a Planetary Society field trip in 1987, I was allowed to see the Hubble Space Telescope at Lockheed Missiles and Space Co., in Sunnyvale, California as it awaited launch.


First landing of a shuttle after the Challenger disaster: the STS-26 landing at Edwards AFB, Oct. 1988

Planetary Society Volunteer Highlights


 Messages to Titan from Marin County


The Role of stereoscopic imaging in the astronomical study of nearby stars and planetary systems, SPIE 1997


 Discovery of Corby Crater on Mars



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Phobos landing art by Jack Coggins