The journey to Mars and beyond begins on the Moon


The GRAIL logo will be launched on the side of the rocket in Sept., 201




Orion Crew Vehicle




Orion and Lunar Lander



New landing system for returning to Earth



 NASA's new Lunar Lander

What will the new Lunar Surface Access Module ( LSAM ) look like? Stay tuned - but here are some images of how it might look.

Photo Gallery - LSAM


 Son of Apollo

"The next lunar lander will be a giant leap ahead of the first"

by Tony Reichhardt
Air and Space Magazine, April/May 2006


 Nov. 2006: NASA Studies Manned Asteroid Mission



Completion of the International Space Station is another step on the way to Mars


Greetings from the International Space Station!

Image taken during shuttle STS-115 visit



The International Space Station gesturing to the camera

Interesting view of the ISS under construction during shuttle STS-100's visit.



How to build a space station

Nice view of just a small part of the futuristic International Space Station

Image above shows new solar panels still rolled up, just before deployment during STS-115 in September, 2006. The panels are inside the two tubes visible in the lower right of the image, to the right of the astronaut. The station's robotic arm is visible in the upper left. All of the station's hardware does look expensive and it is but it's at the cutting edge of technology and very important for the future of humans in space. The future is here - the astronauts have already seen it!


The STS-115 crew returns to Earth

After the space station is complete and we've returned to the Moon a crew probably very similar to this one will finally leave Earth for the first trip to Mars - stay tuned!






Robotic Lunar Exploration news

Feb. 2006: Lunar orbiter readied to take giant leap

Nov. 2005: NASA Ames Leads Robotic Lunar Exploration Program

2006: CRUX — Construction & Resource Utilization eXplorer (Honeybee Robotics)










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