Mars Mission Stereo Artwork

I began creating my own stereo scenes in 1999 on a computer. Mynewer 3D images are much better than the early ones but they're all here for the sake of completeness.

Mars Express (2003)




Mars and Solar System Mission Artwork Stereo Pairs



Solar System Exploration Missions in stereo 3D





Space inflatable missions investigating massive black holes and extrasolar planets

Lifefinder (Gossamer Telescope)



NASA has stated that it plans to develop a sense of "virtual presence" that would enable the people of Earth to experience what it's like to be on other planets. This section contains an idea for achieving that virtual presence. Stereo 3D imagery will be an essential part of that experience, I believe. To illustrate why that is likely to be true this section features some rarely-seen stereo 3D images of Mars exploration, including actual views of Mars and also Mars mission computer graphic stereo artwork created by me. But there are also examples of other elements that, when combined, might make "virtual presence" possible. Let's start with the stereo imaging element.

 Mars approach in stereo    Martian moon Phobos in stereo


Views of Mars from orbit in stereo    Views from the surface of Mars in stereo

"Mars Unearthed"

I may not agree with their viewpoint but I am a fan of the stereo Mars images they continue to make available.


"Establishing a virtual presence throughout the solar system"

Virtual Presence For Space Exploration


Featuring plans on how to achieve it using a combination of technologies, including finely detailed high-resolution stereo imaging, actual sounds from another planet, 360° panoramic views, the ability to show a moving scene in stereo.



Most Mars stereo images are courtesy: NASA JPL/Caltech, LPI and Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS)

All spacecraft stereo images were created by me, not necessarily for NASA. Many of them are my own creations.


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