Mars Science Laboratory (MSL)

 Curiosity Rover
Launch: November, 2011

Landing: August, 2012





The search for evidence of past or present life on Mars will begin with a search for evidence of conditions supportive of life (such as evidence of the activity of water), rather than a search for life itself. The discovery of particular types of rocks and minerals can help scientists determine past or present water activity. Mineralogical analysis also can provide insights into pressure and temperature conditions, past climate, activity of biologically significant gases, even the presence of chemical sources of energy useful for life.



The MSL rover will be far more advanced than the current MER rovers because of the large number of highly advanced science instruments MSL will carry. Besides the eight instruments selected by NASA it will also carry DAN, a pulsed neutron source and detector for measuring hydrogen (including water), provided by the Russian Space Agency. In addition MSL will include a meteorological package and an ultraviolet sensor
Left: MSL's ChemCam laser analysing a large rock. The SAM and CheMin instruments will be located inside the rover.



Oct. 8, 2008: Cost Overruns Threaten NASA's Next-Generation Mars Rover Project. The article used my artwork and added the words "What A Waste". Too bad the article didn't include the image credit: Corby Waste, like they should have!


NASA Press Briefing on two year launch delay of Mars Science Laboratory

The Dec., 2008 NASA HQ Press Briefing on a two year launch delay of Mars Science Laboratory featured my artwork. Above are screen captures from NASA TV. The panel participants from left to right were NASA Administrator Mike Griffin, Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate Ed Weiler, Mars Exploration Program director Doug McCuiston and JPL Director Charles Elachi.


JPL Director Charles Elachi at life-size Mars Science Laboratory unveiling


JPL Director Charles Elachi was a prominent speaker at a Pasadena event organized by the Art Center College of Design. He unveiled a life-size portrait of the Mars Science Laboratory that I created specially for the event. The rover is very large as demonstrated by the woman standing next to it. I wasn't at the event but fortunately someone sent me these pictures.


Seeing Mars Science Laboratory's development at JPL



High Bay gallery visitors at JPL can see the development of most of the Mars Science Laboratory mission hardware. The rover and descent stage were built "in-house".


New Mars Yard Opening Day at JPL featured MSL engineering prototype "Scarecrow"

New Mars Yard Opening Day at JPL featured MSL engineering prototype "Scarecrow"

I attended the grand opening ceremony and media event and got to see the Scarecrow drive out of a building and over rocks. I took pictures and greatly enjoyed the unique scene. MSL can climb over very high rocks, if necessary!

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Getting Mars Science Laboratory to Mars










MSL will be launched from Florida on an Atlas V rocket like the one in this image.   The very large parachute for MSL undergoing tests in the world's largest wind tunnel at NASA Ames Research Center. More info here.


 Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory Large Pic Posters

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  I thought I'd seen everything but this was a surprise - a very large blanket with my MSL artwork was available at one time.



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