2005 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO)

You could describe MRO as "Super Orbiter" because it's bigger, has extremely high-powered "vision" and a very high rate of data return. MRO even has "x-ray" vision in the sense that it's SHARAD antenna is able to see under the surface.



MRO Launch: Aug. 12, 2005








MRO was launched on August 12, 2005. Even though I didn't see the launch in person my artwork was widely used. Above are a MRO launch day fact sheet and a poster that used my MRO artwork.


Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter size compared to Mars Global Surveyor and Odyssey. All three orbiter images were created by me. How big is MRO? It's solar panel "wing-span" measures 44 feet across when fully extended and the spacecraft stands 22 feet high.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems MRO Media Day

The Atlas V rocket that launched MRO

Jan. 7, 2005: I was fortunate to be asked to go see MRO at Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Denver, Colorado and see MRO and take pictures. I only found out the day before that I was invited and it was not easy arranging the flight to Denver and then finding my way through the snowy Colorado winter night to find my hotel. I only got an hour's sleep but I made it to the media day tour on time.

It was an unforgettable experience seeing MRO from only a few feet away. Not to mention the incredible feeling of being part of the MRO team. After that, I didn't feel the need to see the launch in person because I had seen it up close and personal.


MRO art at JPL

 The MRO artist next to a light box display at JPL


MRO's Mars Orbit Insertion, March 10, 2006

Welcome to Mars, "Mr. O!"






MRO project manger Jim Graf shaking hand of Dr. Firouz Naderi, with JPL Director Charles Elachi in the center. Note that they are all wearing MRO Flight Operations Team shirts with my logo on them, standing in front of my artwork on the wall. They're also wearing special MRO MOI event badges with my artwork as well. It was a great day for Mars exploration and my artwork!

Above: my MRO logo proved to be very popular, even though it was not the official project logo. Happily for me, a version of it was used on the team's MOI Flight Operations shirts. I managed to get the last available logo shirt, fortunately. The artwork portion of the logo was actually designed by Jim Graf, when he described an idea that I executed for him.



During MOI, my artwork was on the flight team's shirts and badgem as well as on the artwork on the wall. There were also MRO banners around JPL celebrating MRO's arrival in Mars orbit.


MRO art at Lockheed




Lockheed's astronautics division uses my images of Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey and the Phoenix Mars Lander as well as my MRO images. That's one of the highest compliments I have received.   My lifesize MRO artwork at Lockheed in Denver. This 40 foot wide poster was later displayed on the outside wall of JPL's High Bay


Vice-President Cheney's JPL tour included my artwork - Jan., 2004

 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Large Pic Posters

Click on them to see full-size









Italian participation

SHARAD (Shallow Subsurface Radar)



My MRO patch collection




I own several  MRO watches with my artwork on them and also a set of MRO drink coasters.



My favorite MRO postage stamps





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