This is the 160th Century Worlds Tour, the Universe of Cordwainer Smith website. An "All World Travel Pass" has already been made available. For important travel information, you may click on the pass at right. Or if you would rather just start the tour, begin by clicking on the images above or on the icons at the bottom of each page. Old Earth is a good place to start (unless you've already been there, of course!) Or you could follow in the footsteps of Rod McBan and begin on Norstrilia and then travel to Earth. Or begin with these travel poster links.

This website is my attempt to convey the experience of taking the virtual reality tour of Cordwainer Smiths' universe I've been constructing for the last few years. Until I can make the actual real-timeVR worlds available either online or accessible some other way, the best that I can do is to offer this "simulation of a simulation". Even if you can't "fly" through these worlds right now, I hope that my extensive use of screen-capture still-images from the various virtual worlds will be almost as good. For best results, be sure to see the tour images full-size by clicking on the small versions. In a few cases, I've created some non-VR images to complete the tour.

As you can probably guess, I am one of Cordwainer Smith's greatest fans. More than anything else, this website and project are a tribute to this amazing author and his stories about the future. The real credit for virtually everything on this website belongs to him!

The 160th Century Worlds Tour is a work-in-progress by virtual reality artist Corby Waste.

Quest of the Three Worlds


Robotic Police

Robotic Police Ornithopter Pilot


Stereo Norstrilia

Stereo Earthport

Stereo Gem Planet

Stereo Henriada

Stereo Mizzer

Stereo Douglas-Ouyang Planets

All Tour Stereo Pairs with instructions



 Cordwainer Smith Library


Rare Linebarger Book, the Gospel of Sun Chung Shan according to Paul Linebarger (1932)







Hi-Resolution Stereo Slide Set

Mini-travel posters from 16000 A.D.

Project Library (includes downloadable tour wallpaper)



The 160th Century Worlds Tour, the Universe of Cordwainer Smith is here by permission of the Cordwainer Smith Estate.

Visit The Remarkable Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith, created by Cordwainer Smith's daughter. It's a great place to learn more about the man behind the stories, whose real name was Prof. Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger.


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