Earthport and Meeya Meefla in Stereo 3D  
Please use only red and cyan (light blue) glasses, the red and dark blue glasses won't work. (click on stereo glasses symbol for info on how to obtain red/cyan glasses.)


Old Earth - Manhome Itself!





 View of Earthport and Meeya Meefla

 Approaching Top of Earthport






Twilight falls at Meeya Meefla

 Alpha Ralpha Boulevard




   Control towers and main hangars   Approaching the hangars, Earthport




Landing roof hangar interior

 IOM level hangar





 IOM level hangar door
  Entrance to the Bell and Bank




Looking up dropshaft inside Earthport    The Abba-dingo at the top of the Boulevard




The top of the Boulevard

  Landing Roof, Earthport




 Landing on roof of Earthport

 Entrance to the Lobby Ramp, Landing Roof




Taking the Down Ramp to Lobby of Earthport   Ramp Entrance to Lobby of Earthport


Lobby of Earthport Tower   View of Lobby through windows 


Earthport Stereo Pairs


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