Norstrilia (Old North Australia)

Part of the extensive Norstrilian defense system is shown in orbit around the planet. Click on the image for full-size.


 Mother Hitton's Farm

Visit the Station of Doom


The planet Norstrilia is the richest treasure-house in the inhabited universe. That's because the chief export is stroon, a drug which enables people to live up to four hundred years old. The Norstrilians were originally from Old Australia on Earth and brought sheep with them. The sheep became sick and grew to gigantic size but they also began to produce stroon, the most valuable commodity known to humans. Norstrilia has to defend itself using highly sophisticated techniques, including "Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons". What, exactly, are the Kittons? You don't want to know, mate!


Norstrilia in Stereo 3D


Norstrilia Stereo Pairs