160th Century Worlds Tour Stereo Pairs
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Norstrilia (Old North Australia)







 Norstrilian Space Defenses

Mother Hitton's Farm, Norstrilia



Station of Doom, Norstrilia 

"Humphrey's Lawsuit", next to the Station of Doom, Norstrilia


 Earthport at Meeya Meefla, Old Earth





 View of Earthport and Meeya Meefla

Earthport Landing Roof





Alpha Ralpha Boulevard 

Twilight Meeya Meefla

Inside the Bell and Bank, the Council Chambers of the Instrumentality of Mankind



 The Douglas-Ouyang Planets

Uphill-flowing waterfalls at night on the Douglas-Ouyang Planets
Perpetual dustfall on the Douglas-Ouyang Planets



The Gem Planet Pontoppidan




Gem Planet canyon

Gem mining on the Gem Planet Pontoppidan



The Storm Planet Henriada

 The Storm Planet Henriada from space


The Storm Planet Henriada Heavy ground car bolting down as small tornado approaches



The Sand Planet Mizzer



High-altitude ornithopter flight over the Sand Planet Mizzer  Canyon ornithopter flight on the Sand Planet Mizzer