A Rare Inscribed Book by Paul Linebarger in my collection.

"The Gospel of Sun Chung Shan according to Paul Linebarger", published in 1932, inscribed by the author.

Click on the portrait and inscription to see full-size.

Cover of Gospel of Sun Chung Shan, 1932

 Linebargers Portrait

"The Gospel of Sun Chung Shan according to Paul Linebarger" is the title of this rare book in my collection. This book was written by Judge Paul Linebarger and edited by Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger, his son (and far better known as Cordwainer Smith). It's a rare book because there's an inscription by the author to the distinguished Dr. Wellington Koo, who became the Chinese Ambassador to Great Britain during World War II. It has many interesting illustrations, my favorite of which shows both Linebargers, which is included above. The caption below the portrait says " At a ritual service. Judge Linebarger holding the picture of Sun Chung Shan (Sun Yat Sen). Both he and his son Paul (standing) are dressed in white linen mourning gowns with white jade mourning buttons to their caps." Since Sun Yet-sen died in 1925 and young Paul was born in 1913, he may have been 12 when the photo was taken. Definitely not your average father-and-son portrait....

It's entirely possible that this book may one day be donated to a museum collection but for now it's in safe hands.


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