160th Century Worlds Tour in 35mm Slide Format

Something special I've created is this set of 18 of the best of the 160th Century Worlds Tour 3D images for viewing with a stereo slide viewer. They look just like these images but they're in 3-D! No red/blue glasses needed with these versions but they do require a stereo slide viewer. It's conceivable that the set might be available someday.


Norstrilia (Old North Australia)




Norstrilian defense system

 Station of Doom






Sunset at "Humphrey's Lawsuit", near the Station of Doom

Mother Hitton's Farm, Norstrilia


Earthport, Meeya Meefla





View of Earthport and Meeya Meefla    Approaching top of Earthport



  Alpha Ralpha Boulevard   

Twilight falls over Meeya Meefla


 The Bell and Bank


Douglas-Ouyang Planets


 Night view of uphill-flowing waterfalls, Douglas-Ouyang Planets


The Gem Planet Pontoppidan



 Canyon on the Gem Planet  

Gem Canyon Mine


 The Storm Planet Henriada


 The Storm Planet Henriada


Tornadoes approaching on the Storm Planet! v Heavy ground car bolting down as tornadoes approach.


The Sand Planet Mizzer



The Sand Planet Mizzer from space





High-Altitude Flight Over Mizzer

Nile Canyon Flight