Henriada, the Storm Planet


There are 200 to 300 tornadoes every day on the storm-wracked planet Henriada. The continuous planet-wide storm conditions on Henriada can clearly be seen from space. The unusual hole in the storm clouds is the area between Ambiloxi and Mottile along the Gulf of Esperanza. That's the location of the Beauregard estate, where weather machines keep the tornadoes perpetually at a safe distance. Several species brought from Earth have adapted to the wild weather conditions. There are carnivorous air-whales and gigantic air-jellyfish flying overhead in the wind.

Planetary Administrator's House, Henriada  
Storm-proof house of the Planetary Administrator on Henriada  

Two types of ground car parked in the garage of the Administrator's house.

The house of the Planetary Administrator of Henriada offers virtually impregnable safety from the storms because of the extremely heavy and strong construction materials and techniques used.

Traveling on the surface of Henriada

Heavy ground cars make it possible to travel on the surface. When a tornado approaches, they use mechanical screw-like devices to bolt the vehicle to the ground.
  Heavy Ground Car of the Planetary Administrator of Henriada  
Heavy ground car of the Planetary Administrator of Henriada.  

Tornadoes approaching on the Storm Planet!

Tornadoes getting closer on the Storm Planet!
  View through side window of approaching tornadoes.

Ground car preparing for approaching tornadoes.

The ground car is bolting itself to the ground with the screw-like devices.


 Ground Car Bolting Down As Small Tornado Passes By


Traveling by ground car.   View from the driver's seat of a ground car.
 Traveling by fast ground car on a road made of neo-asphaltum.   Front window view inside a fast ground car.





 Fast ground car leaving the safety of the Planetary Administrator's house.    Bolting down as small tornado passes.


The Storm Planet Henriada in Stereo 3D


Storm Planet Henriada Stereo Pairs