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The Fourth Millennium is the home of Corby Waste. The Third Millennium recently arrived which means the Fourth will be next! Actually, there already was a Fourth Millennium - BC - back near the beginnings of civilization, in the time of Stonehenge and ancient Egypt. But, getting back to the future, there are many sections in my site that could stand alone as separate websites but since they're all mine I'm keeping them together. I've created an additional gallery webpage for new material, there's a lot there!

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Virtual Reality Simulations Title

The 160th Century Worlds Tour, the Universe of Cordwainer Smith

160th Century Worlds Tour, the Universe of Cordwainer Smith Artwork

Welcome to 16000 A.D. !

Take the 160th Century Worlds Tour, the Universe of Cordwainer Smith - featuring virtual reality and stereo simulations of Earthport Tower, Norstrilia, the Storm Planet and several more. It's many millennia ahead of our time! If you're ready to take the tour, click on the image above.

Cordwainer Smith's science fiction worlds are unlike anything you've ever seen before. Click on the link above to visit one of them now.














 Fluorescent Safari 2010

New Discovery UV Galleries






New:  Fluorescent Minerals of the Southern African Region Display

My Geo-Safari research project



Ancient History Research Projects


I was a member of this famous expedition when I was 19 years old and in college.

Click on the image for my 1973 Atlantis Expedition webpage (under construction)





Atlantis Expedition To Egypt, May, 1976 including

the recording of Paul Horn's "Inside The Great Pyramid"

(Under construction)











Waste Family Album




A Cold War Spy In A New World Disorder

by James Waste

Now available on here

“A pithy and readable account of some extraordinary experiences.”

—George P. Shultz, former U.S. Secretary of State, Treasury, and Labor





Some people are already thinking about the Fourth Millennium!

Fourth Millennium Countdown Clock
Galactic Geographic Annual 3003 Magazine
Europe's largest time capsule buried for a millennium
Human species 'may split in two' ----("human race would peak in the year 3000")
Futurama takes place in the First Century of the Fourth Millennium (3000)



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