The Ancient Artwork Museum of Corby Waste

Old Computer Paintings, circa 1986

Created with Lumena-8 (pre-Photoshop by many years)


 First Image: Eye of Osiris, "the Eye in the Sky", early 1986

Collared Lizard, from the Golden Book of Reptiles


 Galaxy computer painting, 1986

The Eye in the Sky from Alan Parsons was my very first "computer painting", created in Spring, 1986.

Collared Lizard, a more difficult computer painting .

 "Galaxy" was my first space image.


Pagan Place, 1986


Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi Desert, 1986


Fluorescent Waterfalls, 1986

Pagan Place 
 Flaming Cliff of the Gobi Desert

 Fluorescent Waterfalls