1976 Egypt Atlantis Expedition


Atlantis Expedition To Egypt, May, 1976 including

the recording of Paul Horn's "Inside The Great Pyramid"

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I arrived in Cairo, Egypt May 3, 1976.



 Ancient Egypt vs Modern Egypt!

On May 3, 1976 while flying from London to Cairo, Egypt I looked out my passenger window and saw this during our approach. I didn't have a camera available but this is what I saw flying over the Giza Plateau.
Seeing what one of history's supposedly first civilizations had built nearly 5,000 years before our time was a profound and unsettling experience. We are not the only civilization that was capable of sophisticated architecture on a massive and precise scale. Who were these ancient Egyptians with their fully formed civilization at the dawn of history? It's one thing to read about the theory of an advanced ancient mother civilization called Atlantis and another thing to actually see what the Greek Plato wrote about. According to Plato, the constitution writer of Athens Solon was in a temple in Sais, Egypt when the priests told him that the Greeks were but as children who remembered only one flood (they have their own version of Noah's Flood but there were only 2 survivors) but that there were other previous floods the Greeks knew nothing about. They told Solon the story of a great power that existed 9,000 years before their time beyond the Pillars of Hercules aka the Strait of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean. The entire story of Plato's Atlantis came from Egypt and it's curious that we now know that the polar ice caps were melting rapidly and drowning large areas of land at the end of the Ice Age in that 9000 BC time period. According to the theory of Atlantis Egypt's culture was a remnant of that earlier civilization. They knew about a great flood back then, at the very least.
Our civilization's buildings in Giza are almost insignificant by comparison to the view as you approach Cairo.
Academic scholars were convinced civilization couldn't possibly have existed that long ago. Then new discoveries like Gobekli Tepe, the world's oldest temple, were found to be 12,000 years old. Now it's anyone's guess. Academics are so slow to grasp new knowledge sometimes it's maddening. They repeatedly said myths like Troy or an ancient civilization on Crete didn't exist but time and time again the myths had truth to them. Recently the discoverer of the Titanic, Bob Ballard, proved that there was a catastrophic flood in the Black Sea area that he is convinced was the basis for the Noah's Flood story. He spoke at JPL and I saw his presentation. National Geographic funded him. I gave up my early college efforts to be an underwater archaeologist, there was too much science, not enough adventure. The world wasn't ready to listen to anything not already in the archaeology textbooks.

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Son et Luminere show at the Pyrmids of Giza in 1976

We saw the Son et Luminere (Sound and Light) show at the Pyramids of Giza in 1976. It was probably similar to these more recent pics. I really enjoyed it, the Pyramids and Sphinx are spectacular lit up at night




The Ring of Mystery

 My father told me it was a glass ring from ancient Egypt. It certainly looks very old and there are areas of iridescent color on it. It took me decades before I finally had the idea to up to the light and was delighted to see it was, in fact, glass. Now I am trying to find other glass rings like it on the web but have been unable to. The oldest glass in history was made in Egypt and possibly in what is now Lebanon around the same time. I see examples of Egyptian glass rings but they are completely different than this ring. This also doesn't appear to be a ring that was ever worn. The other glass rings are a kind of dark blue facience which included glass and quartz in the mixture. My ring is a yellowish green color very similar to the naturally occuring desert glass found in the Sahara Desert created by the heat of an asteroid's aerial explosion 26 million years ago. The Egyptians sometimes used this glass in their jewelry. Maybe that's what it is but I still don't know what it was used for but I'm guessing it may been found by tomb robbers so it was probably of some value if it was purposely buried.


King Tutankhamun's Pectoral with scarab carved from green Libyan desert glass from 1327 BC

The museum caption "Green Libyan desert glass" is referring to the Libyan Desert glass aka Great Sand Sea glass which is a substance found in areas in the eastern Sahara, in the deserts of eastern Libya and western Egypt. Fragments of desert glass can be found over large areas. They've been dated to 26 million years ago.

Libyan Desert Glass

In addition to the glass ring gift that same year my father also gave me what he said was an actual mummy's hand and also a turquoise blue facience figure like a small Pharoah's sarcophagus. I'll post a pic later. It appeared to be authentic. It's possible that none of my Egyptian artifacts were actually from ancient Egypt since I have since learned that at least in the 1950's there was a trade in fake mummy parts. People in Egypt used similar chemicals to treat modern body parts and make them appear as being from thousands of years old mummies. The one I had for decades certainly appeared to be very old and it was definitely a human hand but I never took it to be authenticated. I got rid of it because of certain scary things that happened involving the hand. That's a story that virtually no one has ever heard because it's very strange but it happened.


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