Waste Family - The Early Years

The branch of the Waste family tree shown here belongs to my Dad, Jim Waste (James McIntosh Waste) - see bottom of page. We're from Marin County, California but are descended from the 1700's Vermont family of Bezaleel Waste. It appears we go even further back to Francis West of early Rhode Island and Plymouth Colony history. Here is an excellent genealogy linking Francis West all the way to Bezaleel Waste.

Included in this website is also the story of our McIntosh relatives who traveled by wagon train to California in 1852. My mother's family is related to the brother of John Sutter of early California fame but that's another story! Speaking of other stories, I've recently received significant new information about my great-grandfather Chief Justice William H. Waste. This was sent to me by Joe Thompson and is titled: Cable Car Struck by Steam Train, from the San Francisco Morning Call / December 5, 1894. Thank you, Joe!


One surprise, to me, is that the name "Waste" was frequently spelled "Wast", "West" and sometimes even "Waist" in earlier times. Finally, I am indebted to all the other Waste and related family researchers without whose work this website would have been nearly impossible. Thank you all!


"The Waste Family - 8 Generations - 1720-1960", compiled by Robert W. Waste, 1960 is now online. The material is new to my research project but in fact has been in our family a long time. It contains a wealth of information that will need to be fully integrated with my previous findings.


I am aware that some of the new information being added to this site points in different directions. My approach is to add all of it first and then ask questions later. There's a lot of new material so this may take some time.


Matthew West

1598 - 1677


 and Nicoles West


Francis West (Wast)

1643 - 1696


and Susanna Soule


Richard Waste

1662 - 1727

and Mary Samson


Charles N. Waste

 1706 - 1765

 and Deborah Williamson


Bezaleel Waste

 1742 - 1818

and Joanna Cannon



Bezaleel Waste, Jr.

1772 - 1841

and Diadama Hayford



Ira Charles Waste

1795 - 1873 


Jane Hogle and Nancy Ann Donahue


John Jackson Waste

1835 - 1882

My pioneer great-great-grandfather


and great-great-grandmother

Mary Catherine McIntosh

Includes special section on the McIntosh family



My great-grandfather

William Harrison Waste

1868 - 1940

 Chief Justice William Harrison Waste, California Supreme Court, 1926-1940

and great-grandmother Mary Jane Ewing


My grandfather

Bill Waste (William Ewing Waste)

1897 - 1977


My Dad, Jim Waste, and my grandfather Bill Waste during World War II. Bill worked for Bechtel Corporation as did my Dad in later years.


and Libby Waste






My family is from Marin County, California in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Bechtel Corporation is based. This is an illustrated account of what it was like for my family from 1952 to 1964 when my Dad worked for Bechtel. Click on the image to visit.


Waste Family Album



 Odds and Ends

Question: Is it true that both of my grandfathers were in the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906?

Answer: It's true. They were both very young at the time and were small enough to hide under the bed during the quake. My grandfather on the Waste side was most likely over in the East Bay during the quake. You can click here for actual stereo images of one of my relatives in the ruins of San Francisco.



Question: Is it true that one of my ancestors, Joan Waste, was burned at the stake in Derby, England in 1556?

Answer: We think Joan is somewhere back in my family tree, going back to the 16th century. She is apparently not a direct ancestor but certainly became one of the most famous people in history with the last name of Waste. That's because in 1556 Joan Waste, a Protestant, was condemned as a heretic and burnt at the stake. She refused to submit and became a religious martyr, still revered to this day.

Here is a story called "The Story of Joan Waste". There are a few short accounts: "The Martyr in the Parish", and an excerpt about Joan from the old "Book of Martyrs". It seems that Joan lives on, after more than 440 years!

I'll add a page about Joan in the future, complete with 1556 engravings of her contemporaries being burned at the stake. No images of Joan herself have turned up yet.



Waste family researcher / webmaster

Corby Waste

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"Waste Family - the Early Years"