Waste family history


Matthew West

1598 - 1677

and Nicoles West

Birth: 1598 in England

Death: 1677 in Newport, Rhode Island


Matthew West was born in England in 1598. Matthew was the child of Thomas West, born about 1564 in Harsworth, Buckinghamshire, England and Elizabeth Sankey, born about 1568 in Edelsworth, England. Together they had six children with Matthew being the youngest son.

Matthew married his wife Nicoles around 1622. Her last name is unknown. She was born about 1602 in England.


Rhode Island and Plymouth Colonies


Nathan West provided the following information. (Nathan is descended from a grandson of Matthew West - his ancestor was Francis West's son William West)

"Matthew West was a Baptist tailor from Somersetshire, England who settled in Lynn, Massachusetts about 1635. Both Matthew, Francis, and Francis' siblings Nathaniel, Bartholomew, Robert, John, and Joan relocated to Rhode Island. Matthew died in 1677, signing over his land and possessions to his grandson, Nathaniel West, Jr. All of this is in the land records and government records of Rhode Island and New Jersey (where Bartholomew, Robert, and Joan migrated to)."

Bartholomew West moved to New Jersy settling the town of Monmouth. Some of Bartholomew's descendants eventually moved back to Massachusetts and then to the Saratoga area in New York."


Newport, Rhode Island 200 years later

 Newport, Rhode Island on Narragansett Bay in 1878.


Children of Matthew and Nicoles West

Robert West, born 1624. He married three times, first to Elizabeth Austin, then Frances Heard and then to Elizabeth, last name unknown. Robert died in 1697 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, New Jersey.
Nathaniel West, born about 1626. He died in 1659.
Bartholomew West, born 1627. He married Catherine Almy in 1653 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. Bartholomew moved to New Jersey, settling in the town of Monmouth. Bartholomew died in 1703. Some of Bartholomew's descendants eventually moved back to Massachusetts and then to the Saratoga area in New York.
Joan West, born 1631. She married Joshua Coggeshall on Dec. 22, 1652 in Newport, RI. He was born about 1623 in Halstead, Essex, England. Their children are listed here. Joan died on April 24, 1676 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.
John West, born about 1634. He married Ann Rudyard. John died on Aug. 6, 1691.

Francis West, born about 1643 in Lynn or Duxbury, Massachusetts. He married Susanna Soule. Francis died on Jan. 2, 1696 in North Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island.

Here is a page about my ancestor Francis West (Francis Wast)

Richard West, born about 1644 in Newport, Rhode Island.
Thomas West, born about 1646 in Newport, Rhode Island.
Peter West, born about 1648 in Newport, Rhode Island.
Martha West, born 1650 in Newport, Rhode Island.


Matthew West died in 1677 in Newport, Rhode Island.

Matthew and Nicoles West lived 11 generations before mine.


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