Waste family history

Bezaleel Waste, Jr.

1772 - 1841

and Diadama Hayford

Birth: March 10, 1772 in Bolton, Connecticut.

Death: June 28, 1841 in Geauga County, Ohio.


Bezaleel Waste, Jr. married Diadama Hayford on Dec. 2, 1793 in Somerset, Windham County, Vermont. She was the daughter of Samuel Hayford (changed from Hefford in the 18th Century) and Diadama Bishop of Hanover & Pembroke, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Bezaleel and Diadama moved to Hague, New York (near Fort Ticonderoga). Bezaleel is listed in the 1810 Federal census as a resident of Hague.

During the War of 1812, he served in the 23 Regiment (Cook's) of the New York Militia in the rank of private. His brother Uri Waste and son Ira Charles Waste served in the same regiment.

Bezaleel returned to Somerset, Vermont after the War of 1812.

Later, the family moved to Geauga County, Ohio. Bezaleel and Diadama had ten children. Some of them remained in Ohio where they raised families of their own. Some of their children left Ohio for Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Bezaleel, Jr., died on June 28, 1841 in Geauga County, Ohio. After his death, his wife Diadama Waste moved in January, 1858 to nearby Mayfield, Ohio, near present-day Cleveland.


Diadama Hayford (Diadama Hefford)

Birth: about 1774 in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Death: after 1858, in Ohio

Bezaleel Waste, Jr. married Diadama Hayford on Dec. 2, 1793, in Somerset, Windham County, Vermont.

Diadama was the daughter of Samuel Hayford (changed from Hefford in the 18th Century) and Diadama Bishop of Hanover & Pembroke, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.


South Vermont and Lake George-Ticonderoga area

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The following material is new to my research project but in fact has been in our family a long time. It is very significant information that will need to be fully integrated with my previous findings. - Ed.

 From "The Waste Family"

8 Generations


Compiled by Robert W. Waste, 1960

(reproduced as originally written)



The Third Generation

Bezaleel Waste, Jr.


Bezaleel Waste, Jr. was born on March 10, 1772 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where both his father and grandfather were also born. Here he lived until he was 6 years old.

Then the family moved to Wilmington, Vermont in 1778. And at 16, in 1788, he moved with them again to Hague in upstate New York. Here he remained until 1809.

In 1793, at the age of 21, he married and settled in Somerset, Vermont. As transportation started to become faster and easier on better roads, New Englanders traveled more and further from the places where they were born.

Of this family, Ira Charles Waste was born in Somerset, Richard Waste in Hague, and Zelotus in Utica, N.Y. The children of this generation migrated like pioneers to Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The cry "Westward Ho!" had begun!

However, Bezaleel, Jr. spent most of his busy, productive life in or near Somerset. He died in or near Mayfield, Cuyahoga County, north-east Ohio on June 28, 1841. He was 69 years old.

He married DIADAMA HAYFORD on December 2, 1793, in Somerset, Vermont. Her parents were Samuel and Diadama Bishop Hayford of Hanover, Massachusetts. She was born in Massachusetts and lived in Mayfield, Ohio after her husband's death. Her family name was changed from Hefford to Hayford about 1700.

Bezaleel Jr. and Diadama Hayford Waste had 10 children:

IRA CHARLES WASTE (1795-1873) (Our Line).

Deborah Waste (1796-18??).

Warren Waste (1798-1859), wed Fannie Tabor; ch. Eliza, Frances.

Richard Waste (1800-1874), wed Rispah Hayford; Eli, Jane, Charles.

Zelotus Waste (1803-1862), wed Eliza Jane Canfield; ch. Ollie.

Luke Waste ((1809-1884), wed Hannah Pratt; Bill, John, Debbie, Clarinda.

Chloe Waste (1812-1860), wed James Hayford; daughter Emma.

Diadama Waste.

Mason Waste.

Bezaleel Waste, the Third.


Somerset, Windham County, Vermont (pop. approx. 10 lies 16 miles west of Brattleboro, near the Massachusetts border on the south, and gleams like a ruby in a green setting of woodlands unchanged by the world. Being less than 6 miles square, this township ranks as Vermont's 2nd smallest town. It is mostly owned by the New England Power Association. This mountainous historic village, at 2,000 feet elevation, is located near the Somerset Reservoir and the Deerfield River. It was first settled in 1761.

"Each October the scarlet and gold of the Maples, burning along ridge and vale," described the WPA Writer's Program book, Vermont - a Guide to the Green Mountain State, "are softened by the brown and pale yellow of Elms and Birches, and darkened by somber Pines."


Vermont Historical Gazetteer, a local History of
all the Towns in the State, Civil, Educational, Biographical, Religious and Military. Vol. V. The Towns of Windham County

Compiled in 1891

Bezaleel Waste, Jr.'s family is described in the section called Biographical Sketches of Important Families


The Western Reserve of Ohio, 1826

The story of Bezaleel Waste, Jr.'s family includes Geauga and Cuyahoga Counties located in northeast Ohio. The old outline of the counties can be seen in this 1826 map. Geauga, pronounced Gee-Aw'-Guh, is an Indian word meaning "Racoon".


Children of Bezaleel and Diadama Waste

Ira Charles Waste, born Jan 25, 1795 in Windham County, Vermont. He married twice, first to Jane M. Hogle, then to Nancy Ann Donahue. Ira was the father of eight children - all boys. One was them was my great-great-grandfather, John Jackson Waste. The family lived in both Ohio and Wisconsin. Ira died Nov. 6, 1873 in Ohio.

Here is a page about my great-great-great-grandfather Ira Charles Waste.

Deborah Waste, born June 25, 1796 in Somerset, Windham County, Vermont.

Warren Waste, aka Warren Waist, born Aug. 11, 1798 in Lake George, Warren, New York. In 1850, both Warren and his brother Luke's families were living in Willoughby, Lake Co., Ohio. Warren died in 1859.

There is more to Warren's story involving the 1832 tarring and feathering of Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism.

Here is a page about Warren Waste.

Richard Waste, born June 14, 1800 in Lake George, Warren Co., New York. He died on Aug. 15, 1874.
Zelotus Ray Waste, born April 7, 1803 in Utica, Oneida County, New York. He married Eliza Jane Nevins, born in 1828. The 1840 census lists Zelotus as a resident of Chester, Geauga County, Ohio. They had a daughter named Olive Lavina Waste. Olive Waste married Nelson Byron Keeney in 1865 (he was born in Geauga Co., Ohio). Zelotus Waste died in 1862. After his death his widow, Eliza, married Nelson Byron Keeney's father Marvin Keeney. It was a 2nd marriage for both of them. Eliza died in 1917.

Luke Waste, born Nov. 9, 1809 in Hague, Warren County, New York. He married Hannah Pratt on Aug. 4, 1803 in Greenwhich, Washington County, New York. They moved to Mayfield and later Willoughby, Ohio. Finally, Luke and Hannah Waste and their children settled in Plainview, Wabasha Co., Minnesota. Luke died on Dec. 16, 1884 in Plainview.

Here is a page about Luke Waste.

Mason Waste, born about 1810 in Hague, Warren County, New York.
Chloe Waste, born about 1812 in Hague, Warren County, New York. She married James Hayford on Feb. 29, 1832. Chloe died on Sept. 30, 1860.
Diadama Waste, born about 1814 in Hague, Warren County, New York. She married David J. Clark on Sept. 19, 1847 in Grant County, Wisconsin.
Bezaleel Waste, born about 1816 in Hague, Warren County, New York.

Bezaleel, Jr. died on June 28, 1841 in Geauga County, Ohio. Years later, his wife Diadama moved in January, 1858 to nearby Mayfield, Ohio (near present-day Cleveland)

Bezaleel, Jr. and Diadama Waste lived 6 generations before mine.



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