The Artwork Museum of Corby Waste

 Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi Desert  (1986)

Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi Desert, 1986

This was inspired by the famous Gobi Desert location where some of the first dinosaur eggs were discovered in Mongolia, around 1922. A dream I had one night was the reason I made this image. In the dream, I was looking up near the top of the Flaming Cliffs and saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull embedded in the rock. However, I was completely unable to achieve that particular effect. But for the first time, I was able to use actual scanned pieces of the cliffs, the dunes and a clutch of the actual dinosaur eggs found there. The lizard and camel caravan were supposed to help identify it as the Gobi Desert. It looked kind of cool so I didn't mind how it turned out. As a little boy, I was very serious about paleontology. Back then I was always struggling to make my dinosaur artwork look as good at the book illustrations. I never succeeded but somehow I've managed to eventually get paid for creating art.



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