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2007 Mars missions (before program changes)

2007 Mars missions (before program changes)

2007 looked like it was going to be a big year for the international effort to explore Mars. But then certain realities and technical difficulties set in which forced cancellations and postponements.

From the left: in the foreground is the Mars Science Laboratory rover (now launching in 2009, behind it are three of the four European Netlanders (the fourth is on the right.) The Netlanders were to have been delivered by the French CNES orbiter seen above on the left. Last I heard they've been cancelled.

The orbiter on the right was a Mars Telesat communications orbiter which is now proposed for 2009. Over the deep chasm are two aerial Scout missions. When the selection process was over for the first 2007 Mars Scout, neither an airplane nor an aerobot balloon was selected. Only the US Phoenix Scout mission will in fly in 2007.


The 2007 Mars mission: Phoenix


August 4, 2003, NASA Press Release: NASA's First Scout Mission Selected for 2007 Mars Launch featuring my artwork of the Phoenix lander. See it in stereo 3D here.


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