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Evolution of a Robotic Mars Outpost


Beginning of a  Mars Robotic Outpost

 Construction of a Mars Robotic Outpost




Solar power for subsurface drill and ISRU production


Humans arrive at Mars Robotic Outpost

Evolution of a Mars Robotic Outpost

I created the above set of four images showing the possible evolution of a Mars Outpost in Dec., 1999, for the JPL director at the time, Dr. Ed Stone. They were published in: "Mars and the Search for Life Elsewhere - Innovations in the Third Era of Space Exploration, Stone, E. C., AIAA Paper 99-0002, Spring 2002", American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)


Subsurface Drilling at a Mars Outpost






Mars Robotic Outpost subsurface drill searching for water   In this cutaway view the rovers have constructed a drill to look for deep subsurface water. The drill is powered by the tent-like solar arrays.


ISRU lander in Ganges Chasma







3D Images



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