Trail marker discovered on Tunuliarfik fjord




Traveling along the side of the fjord was difficult. We knew that local people had hiked from where we were all the way back along the coast to Narsaq. They apparently visited the area to collect berries at times. But some of the Americans had their own ideas.

We reached a point where two of the experienced Greenland team members were about to try and hike straight across an enormous rockpile. The rest of the group would presumably have had to follow in their treacherous footsteps. At that very moment I spied a faint trail down the hill where earlier visitors had taken a path of least resistance - it was an actual pathway heading in the right direction. But it wasn't easy to convince the others so I set off quickly down "my" trail. Once they finally saw me way off in the distance they gradually followed. When I discovered a series of trail markers, including this one, it was obvious I had saved us all a lot of trouble.


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