Kangerlussaq fjord

Super-panoramic view of the end of Kangerlussaq fjord



Our last collecting trip was to a virtual lost world at the end of Kangerlussaq fjord. It truly was a "geologist's paradise". Only a few fisherman and geologists venture so far up the fjord. It is a spectacularly big place that contains part of the Illimaussaq complex - even though it is many miles from Narsaq. From the left: the complex begins where the greenery ends. Far to the right of the image is a world-famous layered-rock formation. That is not part of the complex but was certainly eye-catching.


Location of Kangerlussaq

We reached the final destination of Geo Adventure 2004 by taking two boats from Narsaq over to the beginning of the remote Kangerlussaq fjord. It was raining as we made our way up the long, narrow waterway. We had the fjord to ourselves, pretty much. The orange dot shows where we camped. The big panorama above shows the vicinity of the orange dot in detail.


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