Ross School 5th grade class picture (1964-1965)




Ross School 5th grade class picture (1964-1965)

 Front row, from left: Rachel Lavin, Debbie Smith, Julie Sandahl, Rosemary Gregg, Leanna Herndon ?, Joan Horak, Jennifer Voorhees, Buffie Hicks
 Middle row, from left: Jerry Llenas, Dick Elliott, Gerry Warburg, Bobby Brown, Ethan Christensen, Bill Logan, Stewart McNab, Mrs. Hardy
 Back row, from left: Dwight Rounds, Will Morris, Steve Innes, Mike Rorick, Rick Scatena, Larry Peck, John Ladd (deceased)



This hi-res digital class picture was provided by Dwight Rounds.



Finding all the members of the Ross School class of '68 isn't easy so I am listing everyone's name in the hope that people will eventually discover this site. If someone does an internet search on their name they will find it. I can easily remove names if someone requests it. I would also like to add any name changes or spelling corrections.


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