Arriving in South Greenland


Satellite view of South Greenland in July


Satellite view of South Greenland on July 2, 2002



Closeup of the Geo Adventure 2004 area:

spaceview of Narsaq and Narsarsuak onTunuliarfik fjord




The Inland Ice is very cool

The icebergs that we saw on our trip came from the large mass of floating ice along the eastern coast, clearly visible from space.The icebergs move southwards and pass Cape Farewell, the very southernmost point of Greenland. They often float far up into the fjords of South Greenland. We saw hundreds of icebergs on Tunuliarfik fjord and millions of them along the eastern coast. They were all spectacular. But the Greenland Ice Cap, also known as the Inland Ice is more amazing in it's size and appearance than you can imagine. It's one of the great natural wonders of the world. And also a little scary because it's obviously not a place that's fit for human habitation.

I got a real bird's eye view on Geo Adventure 2004 because it took a total of four jet flights over Greenland to complete the entire trip. I had to cross the south tip of Greenland on the way to and from Iceland - that's two times. But we also flew round-trip from Reykjavik, Iceland to Narsarsuak, Greenland - that's another two trips over the Ice. The view from the jet was far superior to these satellite pictures because we were much lower.



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