Greenland and Polar Scientific Research



 Sea floor records ancient Earth

Earliest evidence of plate tectonics discovered in Greenland

March 23, 2007

 Bizarre New Form of Life Found in Arctic Ocean, Scientists Announce

(Fluorescent picobiliphytes)
 Jan. 12, 2007
Arctic Glacier Stain Catches Interest of Space Scientists After Tests Find New Life Forms

 June 15, 2006
 Arctic's tropical past uncovered  
 May 31, 2006
 Microbes Under Greenland Ice Give Hints To Martian Life Potentials  Dec. 15, 2005
  Microbes May Show Mars Has Life
 Oct. 5, 2005

 Study Resolves Doubt About Origin Of Earth's Oldest Rocks

Rocks from Akilia Island, Southwest Greenland
 Dec. 20, 2004


Surviving Extinction: Where Woolly Mammoths Endured

Still alive 7,908 years ago on St. Paul Island off the Alaska coast


See also: Mammoths stranded on Bering Sea island delayed extinction
 Oct. 19, 2004

 Expedition Turns Up Life on Pseudo-Mars

 Sept. 29, 2004

Major milestone for detecting life on Mars

Arctic Mars Analogue Svalbard Expedition


 Sept. 11, 2004
 North Pole had sub-tropical seas because of global warming  Sept. 7, 2004


Subtropical Arctic

 Sept. 7, 2004

 Greenland Ice Core Project Yields Probable Ancient Plant Remains

 Aug. 17, 2004
 North Greenland Ice Core Project  

 Time bubbles

Greenland - By measuring methane in ancient ice, researchers hope to piece together clues from past climate shifts

 June 16, 2004