Our group at the Narsarsuak harbor




Now we were ready to load the two boats for the trip to Narsaq. All the adventurers are in this picture, except our leader (and photographer Mark Cole). From left to right: Don Yonika, Herb Yeates (waving), Storm Johnson, me in front smiling, Howie Green behind me and Lee McIlvaine on the right. In the boat was our Greenlandic guide and partner Peter Lindberg who met us at the airport. I was able to greet him and have a short conversation in Danish when we first met. Peter speaks both Western Greenlandic and Danish, the two main languages of Greenland. I learned some Danish just for the trip. Another important thing I did was to get in shape and do a lot of weight lifting.

Note the small iceberg in the water behind Peter's boat.


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