Collecting Trip to the "3-Color Mine" near Silver Bell, Arizona, 1992





From the left: Emily, George and Corby in the 3-Color Mine, Arizona. The specimens on the right were found on the wall next to me.  

Red calcite, green willemite and blue fluorite from the "3-Color Mine" near Silver Bell, southern Arizona.


Click on the image to see entrance of the tiny 3-Color Mine


In 1992, my former wife Emily and I had a fantastic fluorescent mineral collecting experience thanks to George Polman (in the foreground). George, who has the best fluorescent mineral collection in Arizona, invited us on a Fluorscent Mineral Society field trip to a small mine not far from Tucson. Located near the Silver Bell mine, the tiny mine we visited had veins of a three-color fluorescent combination - red calcite, green willemite and blue-purple fluorite. I collected the specimens seen at right. The image gives only an approximation of how incredible they really are if you could see them in person. The floor of the mine is littered with gorgeous small pieces of the three-color material. It was quite a day!

George has become a very good friend of ours over the years since then. There's nothing that Emily and I like better than to visit George at his home near Phoenix, Arizona, to see his awesome collection and do some fluorescent mineral buying.



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