Selected Tales from the Waste family travels for Bechtel Corporation

 Tenby, Wales, UK



Tenby is a very scenic little town on the coast of South Wales. On the left is a view of the harbor with Castle Hill in the center. On the right is a view of the Waste kids up on Castle Hill high above Tenby Harbour, perhaps about 1964. From the left: Steve, me, Jamie and Shawn.





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The beginning of Beatlemania occurred soon after we arrived in Tenby. We bought the Beatle records and listened to them constantly. My parents liked them a lot, too. The movie "A Hard Days Night" was filmed while we lived in Tenby. I remember watching news reports about all the commotion surrounding their location shooting.

Later on back in California, my family went to see the Beatles in concert at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in August, 1965. Yes, we "saw" them but I can't honestly say that we "heard" them because the screaming fans were so loud.

We also first listened to the Shadows in Tenby. They were an instrumental guitar band who dominated the British rock charts before the Liverpool music scene exploded. They're still one of my favorite bands of all time. Remember the song called "Apache" back around 1960? Well, that was originally a Shadows song.

We were very lucky to have been there at the height of their most excellent musical period. (see The Shadows and Jet Harris homepage for more info). But I'm afraid that most Americans will never know what they're missing! You can find their music on CD at a lot of music stores so check 'em out.

While we were living there in quiet peaceful Tenby, the TV news broadcast quite a few stories about the battles between the Mods and Rockers. See "Mods: 1960's Fun-loving Criminals" for the true story, which was also the inspiration for the Who's musical masterpiece "Quadrophenia".


 Mods on their scooters

 Rockers in their leather jackets.
We also lived there during the Profumo affair - one of the greatest sex scandals of all time (remember Christine Keeler?), the 1963 Great Train Robbery, '62 Cuban missile crisis and Kennedy assasination.

I actully saw the original broadcast of the first Dr. Who episode in Tenby on Nov. 23, 1963.

But what I remember most fondly from British TV in those days were the music shows like "Top of the Pops" and "Ready, Steady, Go!" We got to see them every week - every great English band of that time appeared on those shows. The host of Top of the Pops back then was Jimmy Saville who later became Sir Jimmy Saville. Now, he's dead amidst a terrible scandal.

We watched the very first Dr. Who episode on the BBC and liked it very much. The Daleks on the show became very, very popular at school.

Looking back, it all helped to keep us from being too homesick for the USA.


But getting back to Tenby, you can visit there on the Net:

Tenby Webcam

Virtual Tenby

Tenby Observer

HMS Tenby was in the James Bond movie "You Only Live Twice."


My first expedition to Scotland, 1963

Here is a still frame from a home movie of me swimming in Loch Ness, age 9. Searching for Nessie the hard way....

August, 1963 - near-freezing and more than a little unnerving!


Live Loch Ness Webcam