Selected Tales from the Waste family travels for Bechtel Corporation

 Tenby, Wales


Jim Waste, the Yank who played rugby

Jim Waste, my Dad, was a member of the Tenby United RFC team while we lived there. His previous experience playing back at UC Berkeley and in Vancouver, B.C. proved useful. Once back in the States, Jim had a very successful rugby career, both with San Francisco's Olympic Club and the BATS. He was not only a founding member of the BATS (Bay Area Touring Side), he was also the coach. He probably had an American record for the most rugby games played - but now rugby is more popular and perhaps someone else has the record.

How did the Americans in Tenby celebrate the Fourth of July? By having a beach party within sight of Manobier Castle, complete with a bonfire and American flags. Above: my Dad, in his ancestral Clan McIntosh kilt, at the Fourth of July party. The traditonally-dressed Welsh lady on the left is holding a Welsh flag. That day was one of the most memorable of the entire two years we were away. I remember feeling like a special guest of honor - and how lucky we were to be American citizens.

Our house at Northcliff

The Waste family in front of our house on Northcliff in Tenby. The kids, from left: me, Shawn, Jamie, Steve.

This is the house we lived in, just a short distance away from a sheer drop hundreds of feet down to the sea.




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