My Best Thomas Dolby Impression: 1993 Ad


"Look like you're in pain!", said the director.

At the time this ad was created I was busily pursuing my computer graphic career but hadn't actually worked in the field yet. (I'm not a programmer - they just made me look like one!) 1993 was back when "interactive multimedia" was really taking off. But just two years after this ad came out the multimedia job market was rapidly fading. But by then, in late 1995, I had discovered the fun of real-time immersive virtual reality simulations. VR made everything else look positively boring. But where were the jobs? That was a definite problem which I never did solve despite my solid success in the field. Then out of the blue I was offered my current NASA job and that was the end of that. It was goodbye to the Bay Area's Multimedia Gulch and Silicon Valley and hello, Valles Marineris!


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