Night-collecting at hackmanite super-site




At the top: that's me holding a piece of hackmanite, similar to the specimens below. Again, one of the images was created just to show what it was like.

Our collecting trip was so successful that it took two trips to get it all back to our rented vehicle parked near the highway several miles away. We ended up making one hike that night with full backpacks of rocks, through the nearly pitch black north woods of Ontario. I recommend it...but it was almost too quiet. Good thing it wasn't on the full moon.....ever heard of Le Loup Garou, the famous "werewolf" of Quebec? The thought that we were pretty close to Quebec did cross my mind. We made it without incident. But if we had run across the famous French-Canadian werewolf we were extremely well-armed with rocks to throw, that was for sure! I never mentioned the story of Le Loup Garou to George while we were in Ontario. There's some things you're better off not knowing.


Le Loup Garou appeared on this Canadian stamp in 1990. It was also featured on an episode of the '60's cartoon series Johnny Quest.


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