Selected Tales from the Waste family travels for Bechtel Corporation

Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada


Our family moved to the town of Rothesay near St. John, New Brunswick, one of the three Maritime provinces of Canada. My Dad's job was to help with the construction of a refinery near St. John. The little town of Rothesay was very special. It was so small that it felt like we had stepped back in time. The Canadian flag was different back then so that's the flag that should be used on these pages. To get a better understanding of where Rothesay and New Brunswick are you can find them by clicking on the location link below.


The House


My family moved into this large, old house. It had a large letter "T" for "Turnbull" on the side of the chimney. Being around five years old, the house scared me a little at first but as time went by and nothing bad happened, I didn't worry too much. Except for the night a bat flew into our room in the middle of the night. But that's another story! Those windows at the top were in my bedroom, which I shared with my brother Steve. (Click on the image to see a color view. )

We had a great view of the Kennebecasis River, as the picture below shows.

The View

This is the view of the river from the upstairs of our house. The river was more like an arm of the sea, in reality. In the winter, we'd see ice fishermen's huts out there. But in the summer sailing was very popular.


The summer in New Brunswick was pretty nice. But not nearly as memorable as the winter! Click on the link for the story in pictures.


The Waste kids in New Brunswick. From left: Corby, Shawn, Jamie and Steve.


One night my Dad brought home some live lobsters. We kids thought it was pretty wild. That's me in the middle with the funny expression.


Gondola Point

Our family discovered a nice beach up the road from our house at a place called Gondola Point. A free ferry boat ran from there as part of the provincial highway system. It still does even now. I'm out in the water to the left of my sister.




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